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You won’t find any preservatives in Kitschnbake cakes!


If you’re looking for great places to eat in Fife, our cakes are packed with fairtrade, organic & locally-sourced produce with no nasty preservatives involved.

That’s right, there are no preservatives in anything we bake, packing in as many fairtrade and organic ingredients as we can! We work closely with many local suppliers (they change depending on what’s on the menu at the time) to make sure all of our bakes are scrumptious with locally sourced ingredient.


We have some delicious cakes to order.

If you only try one thing when you visit us, it has got to be one of our famous triple chocolate brownies! These brownies are made gluten-free as standard and are made using Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate. Modesty is a great thing, but in this case, we really want to shout about these, because they are incredible - even if we do say so ourselves! We do loads of other flavours of brownies and most are also gluten-free as standard (unless we add something that means they will not be, like our Tunnocks Tea Cake or Maltesers brownies!). 


Looking for places to eat breakfast in Dundee?

As well as a mouth-watering breakfast menu, we bake MASSIVE scones that sit prettily on the wall each morning for the ‘scone forecast’ - you really must try one (or maybe split one with someone, they are pretty huge!). Not breakfasty as such, but you might also want to try one of our homemade sausage rolls. No joke, they almost cause riots with people looking to get their hands on one!