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We are Kitschnbake, a family run cafe based in Newport-on-Tay. 


We’re one of the best cafes in Fife - and we started by accident!

We opened our doors in 2013, and the story of Kitschnbake is certainly an interesting one (and yes, we really were started by accident)! After being asked to provide some cakes for the green room at the Dundee Literary Festival, our very own Mary-Jane was inundated with requests to supply businesses and had to play catch up pretty quickly! Kitschnbake was born while Mary-Jane was still working as a civilian in the police (and dragging up three teeny, tiny children!).

The cafe itself also came about by accident (are you seeing a theme here?). After trying (unsuccessfully) to secure premises to move a better equipped kitchen into, a unit was chosen that was MUCH too big - we’d deal with the consequences later. We didn’t think anyone would come, and we didn’t even tell anyone we were opening, but within a month we had to stop the supply business - the cafe had gone a tad mental, and this became our main focus!


A family run cafe in Fife contributing to the local community.

Newport-on-Tay is a small village with a booming sense of community and ‘small town ownership’. We love giving back to the community and often provide raffle prizes to local nurseries, school, groups, care homes, football teams (the list goes on), and we also sponsor Newport in Bloom each year too! Mary-Jane makes regular appearances judging local cake competitions and we provide baking for the local community cafe which is run by volunteers as part of the village’s Church of Scotland.

We’ve often been referred to as the ‘preferred first employer’ for local teenagers - the parents know we’re nice and that we’ll look after them! Kitschnbake are also involved in the local festival planning (the Newport Festival has just had its 4th year!). Hopefully one day we’ll rival the Crail Food Festival, but we’re slowly building things year-on-year. With Newport-on-Tay being such a close-knit community, we fully support promoting local businesses and even have a ‘food map’ on our cafe wall providing information about local places to visit and things to do nearby. We’ve been to all of these places so our staff can talk confidently to our visitors about other local businesses and provide recommendations based on what you want to see whilst in the area - we’re open to questions!